What is a Decompression Baby?

My mother Carol Gill undergoing pre-natal abdominal decompression therapy at her home in Letchworth Garden City, 9 days before my birth in May 1968.

A Decompression Baby is a child born of a mother who underwent prenatal abdominal decompression therapy during pregnancy and/or childbirth.

The basic principle behind decompression therapy is very simple: By reducing the atmospheric pressure on the pregnant mother’s belly using a simple vacuum pump, the pressure on her uterus and placenta is lowered, allowing an increased supply of blood — and therefore oxygen — to flow to the unborn baby.

The inventors of decompression therapy claimed that it results in:

  • Easier, safer pregnancies
  • Shorter and less painful childbirth
  • Healthier, more intelligent children

The technique was originally developed by O. S. Heyns, D.Sc. in the late fifties and early sixties, and was practiced in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States for about a decade before slipping out of medical vogue in those countries. Interestingly, it it is still routinely offered by the national health service in Slovenia!

I am a decompression baby.

5 thoughts on “What is a Decompression Baby?

  1. I am a decompression baby (born in 1965) and I have very unusual abilities/talents as well as disabilities…I would like to find out whether other babies who were part of the South African study group have similar issues.

  2. I am also a decompression baby.

    I was born in 1968 and am markedly different from my three siblings who were not decompressed during my mother’s pregnancy with them. My mother tells me that I started acting very differently to my siblings from 2-3 years of age.

    I do have a higher than average IQ and and am very inventive, but have found it hard to fit in with other ‘normal’ people.

    I am still unsure if this is a blessing or a curse.

  3. I have a son Paul Sakrzewski born I n 1967, I built one of these machines, my wife used it each day for 30 minutes for the last 3 months of her pregnancy, he is very intelligent. Col S akrzewski.

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