Email from DL, 2 August 2011

While not a decompression baby, I came across a lot of info in an exhaustive effort some 20 years ago, including a few very long conversations with the wife of the doc who wrote the intro to Rorvik’s book… Great to know your interest. I will share some other notes another time. A vastly neglected technique in my opinion.

1 thought on “Email from DL, 2 August 2011

  1. I had three children . All were decompression. I am so happy that this method is still used in Slovenia. My children all came out pink and healthy and bright. I was induced with my first labour which was short but very intense at some point I used the decompression chair and it cut down on the intense pain as I went from one contraction to the next for two hours and without the chair I don’t think I would have survived that continuous pain.
    My first child was born in 2971 ion South Afrca I later managed to purchase a chair in the 1980s which I had shipped to Florida and used with my other two pregnancies.
    Decompression should be used everywhere.

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