Done at Last!

I finally got around to completing a task that had been on my To Do list for literally years last night — digitizing and uploading a PDF copy of Decompression Babies (PDF, 4.73 MB) to the site!


This is the book by David M. Rorvik and O. S. Heyns that attempted to promote the benefits of prenatal abdominal decompression to the World beyond the medical community back in 1973.

It’s a fairly short and easy read, heavy on anecdotal arguments and somewhat light on hard science, but it provides a fascinating insight into the future of childbirth as seen from the past!

O.S. Heyns was the South African Obstetrician who discovered the benefits of prenatal abdominal decompression back in the 1950’s, and subsequently spent more than a decade practicing and promoting the technique.

David M. Rorvik is an American and former reporter for Time magazine, who went on to write a number of often-controversial books about the future of human reproduction.

Decompression Babies

I recently added a new page to my website about my being a decompression baby — during the final months of her pregnancy with me, my mother spent half an hour or so every day in a strange contraption that lowered the atmospheric pressure on her abdomen.

The theory was that daily sessions of mild abdominal decompression on a pregnant women would result in increased bloodflow — and therefore oxygenation — to her foetus, which in turn would result in an easier pregnancy and a “smarter, healthier baby” (according to David M. Rorvik with O.S. Heyns, D.Sc, who published the only book I could find on the subject in 1973).

It seems to have gone out of medical vogue now, but apparently there are some tens of thousands of decompression babies in the World — all presumably about my age.